Welcome to the rise and fall of Joakim ĒleahanĒ Rosťn


The story of Joakim Rosen aka Leahan began in the mid 2003 when the young and hungry Leahan took over the world of Shockplay. It didnít take long before he bet old legends like Levitan, Deatssk and Zeschitzofren on a daily basic.


Players like Champ and MrKing doesnít even have to be mentioned, they was never even close to his level just take a look at there stats today, I can reveal that Leahan played Champ 248 times and MrKing 1080 times. All we have to say to explain this period of Leahans life: He was on top of the world!


Leahan trained hard every day:









Even when he was drunk:


He own the streak:


And totally dominated the league:


Heís total domination went so far that three of the big once in TT decided there was no meaning to keep on playing a game where they never would have a chance to become the best that they just retired.


















But as with most people who reach incredible big fame to fast he got caught up with the game, the long nights with party and pretty women happen more and more:


Soon Leahan was missing from the streak for long times he even suffered and identity crisis:










At the same time a new player arrived, one that didnít shared the old players of the games ambition for fair play, a player who was willing to cheat as much as possible, make her computer run in slow motion without an graphics card and walk over dead corpses to win:


Also that new player soon fell in love with one of Leahans main rivals, the newly comeback Champ:




Still Leahan spent most of his time partying he even got so f*ckup in the head he tried to stop SNUSING, that says it all!


While Leahan was destroying himself a new young star to become trained hard, BigTymer :


Leahan just drank alcohol and ate pizzas all day:



While BigTymer trained hard and took over both the TT and the couronneworld, kicking everybodyís ass.








Leahan tried to take back his thrown but it was to late, he tried hard but he just didnít have it any more:


His tries to reach the top again become more and more desperate:


It didnít take long before he lost his dear girlfriend to another player, Zeschitzofren:


The longer the time went on, the more pathetic his comeback attempts where:


Then one day he just realized that his glory days were over. He realized that he had had one of the biggest gifts ever but then he thrown it all away.


Nobody knows for sure what happen to Leahan some say he now days lives a quiet life in the countryside of Sweden, far away from anything called computers, internet, table tennis and Shockplay. Others claim that he is dead, rumours are that his last words where: donít die like me.


Now days Leahan is a true legend (or not only a legend, he his THE legend) that players today that have been at Shockplay for years tells the newcomers about. Most of the newcomers just laughs and thinks that the stories told by the old timers at Shockplay are just a bunch of exaggerations made up by those old has been good players.


But at the same time Leahan was the first and so far the only player to have been chosen to the Table Tennis hall of fame. And itís a fact that when most of the new young players is at sleep they dreams of playing epic battles against the legendary Leahan.


Rumours say that at late nights you can still here the sound of Leahans net smashes at Shockplay.